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Because I love Sonadow Porn YAOI

If :iconsonicthehedgehogplz: and :iconshadowthehedgehogplz: get pissed off at each other=:iconpillowfightplz:
:iconsilverfacepalmplz:OMG guys -_-`

My opinions and Beliefs.

Stand for what you believe in by sugarpoultry Trump Supporter... Because Hillary Is Worse by TheArtFrog Don't Hate Your Friends For Who They Voted For! by TheArtFrog I SUPPORT DONALD TRUMP. by propertyofkat I SUPPORT DONALD TRUMP. by propertyofkat DONALD TRUMP by propertyofkat Yes to Trump (READ DESCRIPTION) by SweetlyCanada ''Dont support Hilary? MYSOGINIST!!1!'' by Jewel-M The Choice Should Be Obvious... by TheArtFrog Not All Trump Supporters Are Racist Bigots by TheArtFrog I Survived U.S. Election Year 2016 by SweetlyCanada Trump Is Not The End Of The World! by TheArtFrog He won, that's that. by ABoringGuy64 *drops my biggest unpopular opinion to date* by SweetlyCanada Believe It Or Not, Trump Is Not Bad For The LGBT! by TheArtFrog No, it won't, you fucking idiots. by hypersonic6 Popular opinions by Bjarru Keep it to yourself plz k thanks by Caution-LowCeiling Stamp: LOL We Invaded Canada, Guys by KrisTheTrashLord #AllLivesMatter by SweetlyCanada Majority =/= Scum by Foxstar241 ''I'm not racist because I'm not white'' by OpposingViews Didn't Vote Obama by genkistamps Nobody Likes Terrorists, Right? by Mintaka-TK Anti-feminazi - stamp by Angi-Shy Keep your PC bullshit out of my dashboard... by XxMoonlight-1-WishxX the fuck they ever done for anybody (Request) by axris The People Who Won't STFU by SuperiLoveCartoons Now to prepare for the hornet swarm... by SweetlyCanada Oh Reason is Dead by SionnaDehr I'm Offended by Your Reading of this Title by Starlow-FTW Gun Control Won't Fix Anything by Starlow-FTW another stamp by Colliequest Pro-Life by Mellow-Stamps Evil with evil? That's just no! by Feesu-san there, I said it by Colliequest So What Are We Arguing About by SionnaDehr Yeah. There is a difference. by XxDiaLinnxX I Don't Mind Stamp by SilentRisingSun Stamp  -  I Don't Support Terrorism by fmr0 Misguided Parenting is the real problem. by XDiaLinnX Encouraging Free-Thinking by XDiaLinnX Listen close by XDiaLinnX Inanimate objects do not commit crimes. by XxDiaLinnxX They are yours, not mine. by XxDiaLinnxX Because You Cannot Deny the Past by Mintaka-TK My opinion by Goldcoast456 Troops by Girl-just-let-go-200 America by Girl-just-let-go-200 I Support our Troops Stamp by bastherself Support the troops by TheLazyFox Support our Troops by SoaringWind Soldier Stamp by Pirate-Liz I support our troops stamp by deviantStamps :Stamp: Want your ass kissed? Go somewhere else. by KooboriSapphire Stamp: The Mainstream Media by CyberSakiKun It's common sense. by hypersonic6 This Is Why We Can't Have Nice Things... by SweetlyCanada Anything can be offensive. Deal with it! by Guei-Girl

WARNING: It's MY gallery stamp by dazza1008 This is MY gallery NOT yours. If there is something in here that you don`t like, Its very simple. Either press the back button or go down and check out someone else`s gallery >:3

Besides there might be some violent,sexual, messed up, or Anti a certain character that you might not like.
For example I will draw something that is against your favorite character. Why? because its my opinion.

I you dont like what I draw and are gonna complain-----> This would solve so many problems...*sigh* by Catthylove This stamp/button exsists
This is my post of what I dont like or hate the most. Please respect my opinion.

Sonamy isn't Everything by SuperNicolas1234

Sorry I seem like a bitch to the annoying rose, I WOULD BE ABLE to welcome her with open arms, But I just can`t because of how overrated she is in the fanbase and her Worshippers treat her like a Mary-Sue, Like shes the perfect character out there and if you DARE to touch their precious little pathetic fan girl, even if you joke about her, you will get disrespect from them. Even get blocked for hating Amy or just expressing your opinion on her. (especially if you like Sally acorn, and Archie or SATAM related) I`m sorry, But Amy is`nt that great, there are way more cooler characters out there that are BETTER than Amy. All amy`s purpose is to chase Sonic and Swing around a silly hammer. Thats all I`m gonna Say about that overly worshipped piece of shit goddess who will NEVER be Sonic`s girlfriend.(Im not saying theses are facts, just my point of view) Shes just nothing but a cliche character who attracts fanbrats and pedophiles who love fapping to a 12 year old. Not to mention, shes just there to chase Sonic and be OMG IM KAWAII DESU -_-`

Yeah so thanks to her annoying obsessive side of her fanbase, I now despise this character. Amy/Sonamy fanbrats have been the most rudest, Obsessive, annoying, and disrespectful people I have ever met so now I cant look at the stupid retarded character/pairing the same way as I used to so this bitch gets no love from me. Face it Sonamy and Amy rose herself are O-V-E-R-A-T-T-E-D!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
=皿=凸 -----> :icongunplz::iconfanbratplz::iconbloodburstplz: This OVERRATTED brat named Bitchy rose can die and rot in hell for all that I care =_=x OMG THEY GLANCED AT EACH OTHER !! by Sammi-Arts OMG THEY GLANCED AT EACH OTHER !! by Sammi-Arts OMG THEY GLANCED AT EACH OTHER !! by Sammi-Arts OMG THEY GLANCED AT EACH OTHER !! by Sammi-Arts OMG THEY GLANCED AT EACH OTHER !! by Sammi-Arts OMG THEY GLANCED AT EACH OTHER !! by Sammi-Arts (Request) At least not like his old self stamp by MarioSonicPeace

SonAmy is Overrated Stamp by megamastermario2009 SonAmy is Overrated Stamp by megamastermario2009 SonAmy is Overrated Stamp by megamastermario2009

:icongunplz::iconfanbratplz::iconbloodburstplz: Trust me I got alot of shit from over 90% of her fanbase with her fanbrats.

Okay if you suport Sonamy, but I don't by Chili-DogLove No SonAmy allowed on my page/gallery by TheBlackNova Sorry, but it's true by littlesonallylover

Why does this exsist?!?!?!!? Cream my precious baby is like friggin 6 years ole D: Cream Hentai...WTF by BlackMambaZANE

(Request) Anti Diamond Tiara Stamp by SoraRoyals77

Anti New Lola Bunny Stamp by SoraRoyals77 <----- Im sorry but a thousand nopes. What have they done to my space jam Lola. Now I under stand she has to be looney but dont turn a bad ass into a retarded stalker Amy rose clone.

I hate Sonic Boom Knuckles! by Rizon-Randomness Nope along with the Mary-su bland Boom Amy rose, Knuckles is terrible. I hate Dumbass-Strong type of characters. He is naive but not stupid.

Been wanting to say this by the-Gitz

Yaoi animes/Couples I support: :: Stamp | Maiden Rose by mleko099 Maiden rose Stamp by Vampyueshi
KS: SebaGrell is my OTP by xioccolate
Stamp: FrancexUK by Janbearpig
Stamp: SwedenxFinland by Janbearpig SuFin stamp by Julesie
Stamp: ItalyxGermany by Janbearpig
Stamp: CanadaxCuba by Janbearpig
Clear x Aoba Stamp 1 by Majikaru-Rin DRAMAtical Murder Stamp: Noiz X Aoba by wow1076
Stamp doukyuusei by Subarashi-soul Doukyuusei Stamp 2 by o0-kanra-0o

My fictional Hushbands :3

DRAMAtical Murder Stamp:  Aoba by wow1076 DRAMAtical Murder Stamp: Noiz by wow1076 that you Francis? by pandalovesmilk fraaance by pandalovesmilk APH :: Francis Kissu by makeitstampy APH :: Francis don't cry. by makeitstampy shinyy francis by pandalovesmilk Blitzwing Fan stamp by TwinTwosGirl Klaus stamp by Subarashi-soul Taki by Subarashi-soul Stamp kusakabe by Subarashi-soul Chad Dickson (274) Stamp by Syesta

My fictional children : 3

Thank you so much for the gift art. >/////////////////<

Please go follow these wonderful artist :D

Unlock The Secret by Reddo-HejjihogguSAI: Sonic and Wander outing by cmaraForce the Hedge-nomad by Angel-Slash-ProwerSonally~Star Of My Show *gift* by ChibisallyacornHappy Birthday SonicMiku by cmara.:B-day Gift:. SonicMiku by EmiTH1999Angel (sketch) by CryoCrystal23I cant belive it's OH MY FUCKING GOD!! by cherryBomb64...:::Maria meets Sonadow:::... by AwsomeRainbowDash:thumb402040182:AT, Gift: Demon the hedeghog by roseprincess25Demon....(Art Trade) by RealathehedgehogAT: Angle the Hedeghog -pt1-2 by roseprincess25SonicMiku as BlueSky by willieboomer:thumb390334613:Angel and Sonic - Art Trade by rikaanimeAT- Angel The hedgehog by KuraBalqis34.: AT - SonicMiku:. by angelsummer501Art Trade with SonicMiku by RealathehedgehogAngel The Hedgehog Wallpaper [GIFT FOR SONICMIKU] by xItsElectricDemon Sketch phase 1: outline by mephiles3547cookes by zeldathehedghogGift Anniversary: SM and DWS by X-Rainange-XDemon and Angel (SonicMiku gift) by mephiles3547:.AT.: Angel The Hedgehog by iluvsonicthehedgehogST:Common Grounds by RB9Sketch Prize-Sonic and Angel by KseniaLoveUAT: AngelxDemon by Shadow45367Angel and Demon contest entry by jennabear17Angel and Demon by jennabear17Angel and Demon Contest entry by rikaanimeGift: Winnie by cmara

Question to LGBT people. Does being Bi curious make you bi or is it something you are not sure of your sextuality? 

6 deviants said Comment


I finally got my stream going. Anyone interested, I`ll be drawing 10 - 30 mins cause I got to work in the morning ^^
Question to LGBT people. Does being Bi curious make you bi or is it something you are not sure of your sextuality?
6 deviants said Comment
Wordsworth Laundry
Drew the OTP again, I can`t get enough of this couple :D  
WW as the Uke and Hector as the Seme.

This originally was part of the inktober event going on but I wanted to add different media using pencil shading and pen coloring and I liked how it came out :D

Wordsworth and Hector belong to (c) DIC
Leroy sketches
This is old but I finally added the rest of the sketches. Leroy is cute.…

 Even though him and the catillac cats fight alot, they still care for one another and treat each other like family :3

Heathcliff belongs to (c) DIC


SonicMiku's Profile Picture
I steal yo wine :3
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United States
Hello My name is SonicMiku
French 3 by Faeth-design USA Language Level stamp4 by Faeth-design Stamp: German Language Beginner by MafiaVamp Japanese language level RANDOM WORDS by TheFlagandAnthemGuy Spanish language level RANDOM WORDS by TheFlagandAnthemGuy (Beginner) Sign Language Level Stamp by imakocoa
I am a hobbiest artist who wishes to sell art one day X3

I am American but I'm also part European. I'm half French-Canaidian. PlusI dont look it, but I also have a bit of Native Indian in me that I got from my mothers side.

I am a beginner and learning French and German and a bit of sign language :D I know alot of words and phrases but I can`t speak them both fluently yet. But hopefully one day I will so I can go visit these beautiful countries along with Japan, Australia, Spain, and even more countries.

But just to let every one know I really dont have the hang of some stuff but please give me some time i will practise though. I love to challenge myself in order to improve. I love Sonic the hedgehog and Hatsune Miku. Plus Im a huge fangirl for Yaoi :iconhurrplz: Im also in other fandoms like Heathcliff, Wander Over Yonder, MLP FIM, Danny Phantom, Kids Next Door, Transformers animated, anime, and much much more.

PLEASE READ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thankyou to everyone for the Fav`s and the watches. It really make me appreciate every single one of you guys and I thankyou so much, So if I don`t respond it does not mean I hate you, I will always read my comments, even if I get too many.

Im a catholic Christian who excepts anyone, LGBT/Atheist/etc, etc. I dont mind being friends with people who have my like, or even dislikes as long as you respect my opinion.

Tumblr Stamp by FelisTipsy Tumblr Stamp by FelisTipsy

Im also on

YouTube by angelkittin YouTube Stamp by FelisTipsy


What Sonic Character Are You?
What Sonic Character Are You?
Hosted By Anime

What Sonic Heroes Team Are You?
What Sonic Heroes Team Are You?
Hosted By Anime


LMAO XD :iconimagination-1:

(sigh) =^.^=


To be friends:
- It `s gonna take along time for to become friends with you because I`m a very shy person. So If I don`t respond, It does not mean I hate you. :3

Awsome friends I know in real life that I wish to keep forever and not forget about ::iconjennabear17::iconsqueakybat:,:iconrikaanime::iconzackfair1219:,:iconhollow-wolf:,:iconcuddlekows::icontopsecret221::iconcheflizzy14::iconsonicfgfm::iconeatingdirt::iconmentalramen::iconmazy998::iconhikarumokona::iconbiojesticaoiwakusei::iconcryocrystal23::iconsailorshipper::iconnotapairofglasses:
My bro:iconanti-worlder0317:
My best friend, Sister, and Doitsu :heart::iconfrogsummoner2:
  • Listening to: Music
  • Reading: Reptile books
  • Watching: SJW liberal tears
  • Playing: Miraculous lady bug opening
  • Eating: Jello
  • Drinking: water
Hey guys, been a bit busy since my last journal. And I hope you guys had a great V day. I got flowers from my mom and a gift from one of my friends. Even though honestly I dont celebrate it much cause my family only believes in celebrating it when your with some one. Weird right LOL. So I`m kinda meh, dont care about it. But for others, never though it would be a big deal. Single or not, I at least got the day off from my job and slept in, and was able to watch shows with my friends and talk them.

But any way I cooked a nice dinner for my Aunt and Uncle cause my Aunt was have a bad day and I was glad it made her feel better. (Even though my cooking usually ends up almost burning down the house more than three times xD who will ever marry me LMFAO) I also got help from my bro, cause hes the main chef of the house so he helped me  with the basics.

I hope you all enjoyed your Valentines day with family, friends and the ones you love ^^


Stamps of fandoms of what Im in ^^

Stamps- ...And Now I Have the Theme Song Stuck in my Head by Mintaka-TKWander Over Yonder Logo Stamp by TaffytaMuttonfudgeWander Over Yonder, Stamp by BunnyFromTheHellWander Over Yonder, Stamp 2 by BunnyFromTheHellWander Animated Stamp by TaffytaMuttonfudgeStamp Request: It deserves more than 2 seasons by LadyRebeccaStampsWander stamp - I love my hairy spoon :D by SonicMikuDr. Screwball Jones Stamp by CoyChimera

Episodes I like- The Prisoner-WOY episode stamp by ashtheechidnaThe Pet-WOY episode stamp by ashtheechidnaThe Troll-WOY episode by ashtheechidnaThe Box-WOY episode stamp by ashtheechidnaThe Little Guy-WOY episode stamp by ashtheechidnaThe Ball-WOY wpisode stamp by ashtheechidnaThe Hero-WOY episode stamp by ashtheechidnaThe Nice Guy-WOY episode by ashtheechidnaThe Time Bomb-WOY episode by ashtheechidnaThe Night-WOY episode stamp by ashtheechidnaThe Braimstorm-WOY episode stamp by ashtheechidna

Saving Wander- Wander over Yonder scene
make animated gifs like this at MakeaGif

Wander Over Yonder Title Sequence via Cartoon Brew
make animated gifs like this at MakeaGif

Wander Over Yonder- The two paths!
make animated gifs like this at MakeaGif


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Hey there! I just wanted to say.
i'ts AWESOME to know someone else who absolutely dispises Amy and Sonamy.
EVERYONE seems to love her and that couple..

Also, love your art!
SonicMiku Featured By Owner Feb 15, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Hi and thankyou. Yeah I hate Amy and Sonamy, but that doesnt mean we should go pick on people for it. Everyone has there opinions.
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Exactly! If only some of them thought the same. :/
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LOL thats okay, we all have our yaoi types xD
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do you sonic RP?
cmara Featured By Owner Dec 11, 2016   Traditional Artist
 Wilt and Wander by PrincessEmerald7  
SonicMiku Featured By Owner Dec 15, 2016  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
:iconlegaspplz: Its my babies/ crack pairing xD
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:laughing: It is.
SonicMiku Featured By Owner Dec 15, 2016  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thankyou ^^
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Hey, yep. Im doing fine how are you?
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I'm fine, too.
Zach-USA Featured By Owner Dec 4, 2016
Hello. I noticed you're a friend of Carly and others. Pleasure to meet you. I wanted to get a message out here and let you know I had ideas of working on a WOY fanfict with her, her friends and I in it and I'm sending this as an invitation to you if you wanna be part of the series. Sound cool? 
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